Free Yourself

From Limiting Beliefs

and change your life!

PSYCH-K Basic Workshop

What You Will Learn in the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop

  • How PSYCH-K originated

  • The impact of beliefs on your life

  • The role of the different parts of the brain in changing beliefs

  • Communicating with the superconscious to receive guidance

  • Communicating with the subconscious to facilitate change

  • A unique form of muscle testing

  • Several Balances that rapidly change beliefs, often in minutes

  • How to quickly dissolve subconscious resistance to change

  • A method for leading a change process silently for complete privacy

  • How to do a Balance alone, if necessary

  • How to use a Balance to reduce stress or release painful memories

  • How to clarify conscious goals to the subconscious mind

  • 175 Belief Statements covering all areas of life

  • How to create your own Belief Statements

  • How to use PSYCH-K in your daily life, and more

PSYCH-K Workshops focus on key areas of life such as prosperity, health, personal power, relationships, grief, self-image and spirituality.

You will receive the information, materials and experiential knowledge that will enable you to apply this cutting-edge tool immediately.

Bruce Lipton, World renowned, cutting-edge cellular biologist, recommends PSYCH-K as an exceptionally effective tool for belief change, describing it as "simple, empowering techniques to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level."

What You Will Receive

  • A complete packet containing materials that explain how PSYCH-K works as well as clear, simple directions on individual sheets for each change process taught in the workshop.

  • 175 Belief Statements covering primary beliefs in the areas of prosperity, health, personal power, relationships, grief, self-image and spirituality.

  • Lots of hands on practice for each change process.