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A Personal Story

Bernice – Here’s a personal story, from my own experience, to provide you with an example of how PSYCH-K® effected my long “struggle” with weight loss.

Before: I used to be what was called a “yo–yo” dieter, meaning I would regularly lose weight only to regain it again, and then some. I was a “closet eater” as well as eating all over the house. I would diet all day and finally give in, eat at night, and start again the next morning. I would buy weight loss products such as “AYDS” (Tiny chocolate flavored cubes that you were supposed to eat one half hour before meals to curb your appetite). Usually I would eat the whole box in one sitting and then eat my meal as well. If I were about to start a new diet (I think I did them all), I would eat a large Hershey Bar before the diet began because I was going to be “deprived” soon. The result was that I usually gained five pounds before I even began to diet. While on the diet, I would weigh myself regularly and if I lost weight, I would celebrate with food and promptly gain it back again. I was a cake straightener and a fad dieter – I think you get the picture. Has something like this ever happened to you? The issues maybe different, but you can fill in the blanks to match your own issues and experiences.

A personal story

After:  I completed the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop and the PSYCH-K® Advanced Integration Workshop and I began using PSYCH-K® on a daily basis. I stopped dieting when I began using PSYCH-K® regularly and soon discovered that most of my issues fell into the categories of Self Esteem, Grief and Loss, and Spirituality. About a year later, I went for my routine physical exam. After I removed my shoes, glasses, jewelry, and barretts, I got on the scale with my eyes closed. I was soon shocked when I heard the doctor say “congratulations”. I opened my eyes wide and asked, “Why?”. When he said, “You’ve lost 27 pounds this year”, I was astonished. I had been in the habit of wearing loose fitting clothing which was comfortable, ok, but how did I lose 27 pounds without even dieting at all?

Although the issues I processed were changing, after that visit to the doctor my weight loss continued. I was happier and healthier than ever. In retrospect, I realized that my previous emotional eating has simply stopped – no mess, no fuss, no bother. YAY! Now, when people ask me how I lost the weight, I simply smile and shrug my shoulders and answer by saying, “I’m on the PSYCH-K® ‘love yourself’ eating plan”. While on my “love yourself” program, some of my belief changes included statements such as: 

  • a personal storyI love myself unconditionally”
  • “I leave my painful past behind and trust in the support of a benevolent Universe”
  • “I trust the timing and perfection of my process”
  • “I learn from all of my experiences, including the difficult ones”
  • “I’m willing to live a life of ease and happiness and I do”

Do any of these belief statements speak to you? Do you want to see them expressed in your life, but aren’t sure you have subconscious support for them? If so please note that PSYCH-K® belief change statements are different from affirmations which only address the conscious mind and do not bring up or address subconscious resistance. They’re also different than positive thinking which usually only works on a “good day” and are even different than prayer because they don’t ask for anything. Also it is important to note that  PSYCH-K® belief statements are best learned either at a workshop or during private sessions.  You’ll find descriptions of available services on this website and in the book: Winning the Mind-Game (An Adventure in Consciousness)®-click here.