Beacon Associates Inc, is offering a special opportunity, in the area of Rapid Mindset Change.
If you are interested in attending a 2 day PSYCH-K BASIC WORKSHOP, which costs $445.00 for the price of only $50.00We should like to hear from you, (see info below). 
Our next workshop will be on August 6th & 7th, in Atlanta, GA.
You will learn a proven, tested, long lasting, highly effective and easy to put into practice method, that will support you in living the life of your dreams, instead of your nightmares.
Here’s how the offer works:
·You will need to bring two people, who register and pay the regular cost of the workshop ($455.00) by July 25th.
·If you would like to talk to us about this offer, we can be reached at 404-329-9785.
·When you or the people you are bringing call, please be sure to give us your name as a sponsor, as well as the name of the people you are sponsoring.
If you already have done the workshop and would like to repeat it, you can do so for just $50.00 dollars; with the same requirements as listed above. Just bring your own packet.
As always, you can register for the workshop without using this special, simply click on the link above to be directed to the workshop page.
The method of subconscious belief change that is recommended by Bruce Lipton PhD; work renewed author of “The Biology of Belief”.
It was originated by Robert M. Williams, MA, international speaker and author of “The missing Piece Peace in your life