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How Beacon Associates Found PSYCH-K®

After growing up and being educated in New York City, my husband and I moved to Atlanta where we worked and raised a family. At the same time, 1974, we became fascinated with the study and exploration of the field of consciousness and soon found that we were spending all of our available time delving deeper and deeper into this area. In those years, new methods of personal growth were coming out so fast that they resembled a cascading waterfall.

We paid special attention to those methods that combined science and consciousness and focused on the area of belief change because we recognized that this was a crucial component of personal growth. Eventually our search for the “premiere” delivery system for transforming limiting beliefs led us to attend a presentation on Belief Change in 2002 that was sponsored by CAMA (Complementary and Alternative Medical Association) of Atlanta.

The flyer we recieved featured Dr. Bruce Lipton-click here, who was scheduled to speak on The Biology of Belief at the VA Hospital in Atlanta. We were especially curious because we wondered how Dr. Lipton planned to connect biology and beliefs.brain2

By the end of Dr. Lipton’s lecture, we not only knew the answer to our question – we were totally “blown away” by the clarity and power of his explanations. When his talk ened, Dr. Lipton said that unfortunately, most people who sought to change their beliefs would be unsuccessful because to effectively change beliefs the method used had to be “whole – brain”. Again we wondered, “what does he mean by that”?

Happily, we soon found the answer to our question, when he introduced a certified PSYCH-K® Instructor while explaining that, fortunately, there were a few methods that were effective and the “purest method” in his opinion was one that he, himself, used – it was called PSYCH-K®. After watching the demonstration, for the first time ever in our long search, we turned to each other and at the exact same time said the exact same thing – “I’m doing that”! The usual discussion of “what do you think of that? How much does it cost”? etc. was entirely absent. Why? – Because instinctively we both knew that we had finally found the delivery system that we had been seeking for oh so many years. They only other time we’d been in such complete and total sync was the year when we both bought each other the same anniversary card.