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“An Adventure in Consciousness”



We’d like start off this journey together by sharing with you the foreword to the book Winning the Mind-Game (An Adventure in Consciousness)® written by Bernice Werzberger & Pat Merritt. The book is currently available on Amazon–click here.



Winning the Mind-Game (An Adventure in Consciousness)®-click here is the first in a series of inspirational books designed to blend ancient wisdom with modern methods in order to teach you how to achieve your highest potential. Later books will highlight specific topics such as prosperity, health, and much more. These books rest on the foundation of a life long study of consciousness and proven results.

With an eye to finding high quality experiences and methods the authors have studied the field of consciousness broadly over the years. In doing so, they found that some methods of personal growth or transformation had much to offer while others had little of lasting value. Their intention in writing this series is to profoundly contribute to your well-being so that like them, you too, can find or increase your satisfaction, sense of empowerment and especially your success. Therefore, they’ve focused on the most successful methods.

To this end, the information has been delivered in a user-friendly way that includes humor. This will support you in light heartedly achieving success and experiencing your life as a joyous, exciting journey rather than a stress filled, daily struggle. Also, experience has shown that the best approach to living a full, happy and meaningful life is achieved through adopting personal values to live by, also known as a  spiritual orientation.  If you follow the path of religion, use the tools described to deepen your connection to your chosen path. For those with a secular approach, it’s beneficial to examine your values with a curious and unattached attitude. 

The completion of the first book in the series celebrates a “dream come-true”. The forward concludes with the words of Robert M. Williams, M.A., the originator of PSYCH-K®.

Winning the Mind-Game (An Adventure in Consciousness)®-click hereis an artful blend of the power of ancient shamanism, and the contemporary high-speed mindset change process of PSYCH-K®. All this is woven into a heartwarming story about two determined seekers of spiritual truths. This inspiring journey in consciousness is a testimony to the power of the mind and heart, when they join forces with Spirit, in pursuit of the best that life has to offer while we are in physical form!” ~Robert M. Williams, M.A., Originator of PSYCH-K®.