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A Brief Description of NVC

Sometimes known as Compassionate Communication, NVC (Nonviolent Communication) is a specialized method of communication without criticism, blame, or judgement of self or others. It develops the ability to be present and creates an atmosphere of connection even in challenging circumstances. We call it “the language of the heart”.

When communicating, it’s best to keep a level playing field. Whatever your role, be it parent, spouse, friend, child, etc. remember, we’re all human. The goal is to connect by growing a heart big enough to be present to yourself and others in both grief and joy and to keep transforming the personal beliefs that keep you from your communication goals.

In conclusion, you’re invited to keep your values while leaving your criticism, judgement and blame behind. Last, but not least, it’s best to be forgiving to yourself and others, while also remembering and learning from your past experiences. In this way, you can attain and maintain healthy boundaries in order to keep yourself from harm’s way as you open your heart in Compassionate Communication.

We offer several opportunities for learning NVC:

  • Private Sessions Include:
    • NVC Communication methods and applications
    • Conflict Resolution and Communication for Couples
  • Workshops
    • Our NVC workshops feature lectures, demonstrations, and practice in the tools of Nonviolent Communication.
      An overview of a beginning workshop in NVC includes:

      1. Learning the Basics:
        • Observations
        • Feelings
        • Needs
        • Requests
      2. Empathy
      3. Honesty
      4. Ways to connect and be “present”
      5. Ways to disconnect, despite good intentions
      6. Conflict Resolution
        • Anger
        • Power
        • Ho’Oponopono… and more.

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