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Joyce H

I was introduced to PSYCH-K® by Yonie and Bernice Werzberger when they did a presentation at the Community Wellness Center of Atlanta’s Northside Hospital. As a licensed counselor of 12 years, I have experience with numerous techniques in the mental health field designed to promote healing and enhance the lives of clients. However, I have never before come across any other counseling tool (or life tool!) that has impressed me as much as PSYCH-K®. Like PSYCH-K®’s originator, Robert Williams, the “process” of psychotherapy became frustrating to me in its tendency to, more often than not, go on and on. As he so rightly put it, “When do people get to live their lives?!” PSYCH-K® cuts to the chase! It offers a vehicle to transform lives in minimal counseling sessions and even do so without revisiting the painful life traumas that are the focus of traditional therapy.   After completing the basic and advanced training sessions in PSYCH-K® (and a number of individual sessions with Yonie), I not only have a wonderful new therapy/life tool, but a whole new focus for my career. Thank you Yonie and Bernice for your dedicated efforts in the Atlanta area on behalf of PSYCH-K®. — Joyce H, MS, LPC