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Joyce H

I was introduced to PSYCH-K® by Yonie and Bernice Werzberger when they did a presentation at the Community Wellness Center of Atlanta's Northside Hospital. As a licensed counselor of 12 years, I have experience with numerous techniques in the mental health field designed to promote healing and enhance the lives of clients. However, I have never before come across any other counseling tool (or life...
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Thank you very much for coming to the mountains to teach your wonderful gift! It is so rare to have a great training right here where we live & serve. Everyone is balancing like crazy and the stories are so full and rich from those we serve. Now when one of us from the workshop has a "situation" we all jump in and say "have you balanced for that?"  If not, we are right there to support and ass...
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Kelly W

"[This Workshop] was Excellent! I am excited about the changes in my life as well as the potential changes for others in my life. The material and process in which it is presented is easy to understand and very to the point. I am so appreciative of Yonie and Bernice and the love and patience that shines through them!!" -- Kelly W, House Parent Aid
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